Mailchimp is a great resource for small business owners who want to conduct their own email marketing campaigns. It’s also an application wordjack media uses all the time for small local businesses when we run email marketing campaigns for them as part of their monthly marketing program.

One of the great features in mailchimp is that you can add subscribers to your list using a copy/paste upload method from a file like excel. You can also import other customer information you have about these clients to use later. For example, uploading the first names of your contacts (if you have them) can facilitate merging this information into future emails (eg. “Hello Isaac”) and personalize them a little. It can also be good for segmentation (eg. just create an email campaign targeting people in my main list who are located in Charlotte because I’m holding an event there).

How to import email addresses to your lists on MailChimp

One of the great things about MailChimp is its ability to easily import multiple email addresses, and here’s how;

We’re going to log into MailChimp and what we want to do is import our email addresses that we have here on this excel spreadsheet. It’s a short list for this demo, but it could be a list of 1000 customers! On this spreadsheet we have email addresses among other contact information. Our list in mailchimp has been setup to store this information, so let’s import as much of this customer information as possible.

In MailChimp, click on Lists and then choose which list we want to add the addresses to.

Now under the ‘Add Subscribers’ option we’ll select Import Subscribers.
‘Add’ you can do one at a time if you wanted to, and ‘Import’ will allow multiple additions in one go – that’s what we want

We want to copy/paste from file – this is a really great feature from mailchimp. Choose this method and click next on the bottom right. And now we can paste all the information we want from our spreadsheet right here. So we’ll select all this information including the headers, hit control c to copy, and control v to paste right here in MailChimp.

Check the box stating that we understand, and then click Next.

Now what MailChimp does is tries to match the fields that are in the data that you pasted, with the fields that are in the structure of your MailChimp list. So you can skip columns that you don’t need and save what you want, and in some cases it even predicts the destination field based on the data available. (perhaps show one of each match type in regular speed, then ffwd through the rest). My list has a lot of extra information about each subscriber, but if you’re just pasting a list of names and emails, this really fast.

Now that we’re finished, click Next. And now we’re all set to import. We DO want to add these as subscribers. If the email address is already in your mailchimp list, it won’t create a duplicate record, it will either SKIP the import field, or update your database with the extra info if you click update. And finally click Import.

Depending on the size of your list this may take a while. In this case it was rather quick as you can see here MailChimp is verifying 3 subscribers have been added. Now I can view the list right here with all the customer information imported too.

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