You’re building an email list via an irresistible free offer aka freebie or discount so what do you need to do next? What should you include in your email campaign? Should you concentrate on design? What should you write?

Tell me, of the emails that come into your inbox, what ones pulled you in or did you read? I woke up to 22 emails in my inbox. Most of them were discounts on products or services from companies I’ve bought items for in the past. I read two of them and deleted the rest. One was a bill, and the other was from a networking group I belong to talking about upcoming events and speakers. How do you get people to stop and read?

First off, you don’t need a fancy design. Keep it simple. Pick and name your ideal client and write to them. I always write to one of my current coaching clients on something valuable to them. THIS is the magic sauce.

I first learned about this through Marie Forleo, and yes, I read her emails when they come in because she’s speaking to me! Then I saw Ann Handley speak at Social Media Marketing World and she called this process #letterstodoris, a method used by Warren Buffett. Buffett writes his yearly newsletter to his sister, but the newsletter goes to all the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders.

I tried this out over the past few months, and the open rates, replies have blown me away.

So in the end, keep the design, copy and message simple, provide value and speak to your audience.

Tell me, of the emails that come into your inbox, what ones pulled you in or did you read? Did they follow this magic sauce?

Shannon Hinderberger is the founder of Shannon Lee Strategy in Bend, Oregon. She is an online and social media marketing consultant who helps small businesses simplify their online marketing in under 10 hours a month through online coaching or digital marketing strategy and execution

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