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I am Denise O’Leary and today I am offering hints and tips on how to improve your success rate on tender bids and prequalification questionnaires (PQQ’s)

Many organisations want to work for the public sector and in order to do so need to complete prequalification questionnaires and quality submissions for their tender bids.

Purpol Marketing have extensive experience in PQQ and tender content generation, with historically high success rates.

Today I will share some tips with you on what you should consider in your bids.

We are happy to provide analysis of bid requirements, development of template answers, reviewing of draft responses and evaluation of completed bids.

Contact us on 07966 333657 or email hello@purpolmarketing.co.uk if you are interested in our bid management services.

There are a few key points you should always remember when completing bid documents

Target your services
Successful tenders tend to be those submitted by companies that apply for works and services for which they are suited.

Create bespoke answers
Create tailored answers not pages of text — the client wants to know that you are qualified to provide value, efficiency and will be able to deliver what you promise.

Opt for Quality over Quantity
Make the answers relevant to the actual question asked — do not drop in model answers from the bid library without amending to the specifics of the bid.

Concentrate on Presentation
Tenders and proposals can be excluded due to shoddy presentation. Make sure they are well laid out and easy to understand. Use headings and sub-headings and make use of diagrams and illustrations.

If in doubt, ask!
Don’t risk misinterpreting what the buyer wants – make direct contact and ask the question to clarify.

Remember WIIFM — What’s in it for me?
Focusing on the specific requirements of the buyer, show how you will provide the best match for their needs and bring them benefit.

Check and Check again
Get someone else to proof read for Typos and Errors. A tender which does include grammatical faults may well fail as buyers wonder about how your attention to detail will transfer to the project.

Don’t miss the obvious
Linked to the proof reading — do they want a signature from a director? — make sure the document is signed, all your hard work will count for nothing if you make a simple omission.

Remember the markers are human and want an easy life — if you can make your bid easy for them to read, they will want to give you the points that lead to success!

Purpol Marketing is here as your external marketing department. We are experts in all areas of marketing and specialists in the construction and manufacturing sectors.

We would be delighted to assist with bid management within your organisation — please call us for more details on 07966333657 or email hello@purpolmarketing.co.uk

Purpol Marketing offers you dynamic, enthusiastic, award winning marketing specialists with extensive experience of delivering impressive results.

Purpol Marketing is owned by Denise O’Leary, a Board level Marketing Director with Chartered Marketer status. Denise also holds both a Master’s Degree specialising in Marketing with Business Strategy and a First Class Honours Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration.

I have recently won the following awards:
• CANMOL Welsh Marketing awards finalist 2013
• Women in Marketing Finalist 2013 — Consumer Category
• Chartered Marketer ongoing since 2005

I have 13+ years of marketing experience in real companies within the manufacturing and Construction sectors and know what marketing will make a difference to your business
Purpol Marketing are pleased to offer help with:

Business Strategy Development
Marketing Audits
Market Segmentation
Bid Management
Tender quality submissions
Prequalification questionnaires (PQQS)
Lead Generation
Marketing Communications
Social Media
Public Relations (PR)
Website Generation
Creative Design and print production
Direct Marketing
Customer Loyalty
Literature Generation
Email Marketing
Customer Relationship Management
Marketing Mentoring and Training
Internal Communications
Public Speaking and Networking

We can also use our marketing skills to help write or update your LinkedIn profile and maximise your CV to improve your future job prospects.

Please look at my LinkedIn profile on https://www.linkedin.com/pub/denise-o-leary-ma-dipm-mcim-fidm-chartered-marketer/89/103/856

Get in touch on 07966 333657 or email me on denise@purpolmarketing.co.uk

Thank you, and we look forward to working with you soon.

Denise O’Leary
Purpol Marketing Limited

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