imagePROJECT21 said: ↑ Yet another guy try to make big money, with a Webdesign SMM agency…
First of all sorry for my bad english and grammer ^^
About me:
Hey im 18 and live in germany. I go to work and at the same time I do something like a Bachelor or Master Degree.
The things I have done to make money online are basiclly:
-Dropship from Fiverr (very stressfull, to small profit margin),
-Affiliate Marketing selling free motivation books with free+shipping model with SMM (made a couple hundred dollars, not bad for beginning)
-Trying to get in in to the Instagram business, but all my account got banned, so my motivation too.
This is my plan:
I will basically create WordPress websites for clients.

I will not design the themes myself I just buy themes on Themeforest and set the Website up and create content for the clients. The reason I dont design the Themes myself is cuz it takes too long, and I dont really know how it works. Although I have some idea of html and css, but creating your own website is a bit more difficult.

(For the case I need real experts, I will hire a Freelancer, or ask a friend from work)
I will also help clients with marketing, especially SMM.
Why I am doning this:
I dont want to work 50 years and do every day the same, and just live for the weekend. I want to have fun in my life, nice cars, beautiful womens of cause ( ° ͜ʖ °) and no struggle with money. I will travel and explore the beauty of this world.
I`ll try to make … (per month):
July: 500€
August: 700€
September: 1.3k€
October: 2k€
November: 3k€
December: 4k€
How will I get clients:
My first clients I try to get with cold Email and cold calling, The first 2-3 clients will get a free website, they only have to pay the 50-60€ for the Theme licence. After that I will invest into Google Ads campains.

I will also make a affiliate system, where someone can refer a somebody, and will get between 100-300€ provision.
What I have done so far:
I started 1 week before I shared this Thread so don’t wonder.
– create a website using “The 7 Theme” 48,79€
– create Instgram page bought 1k fake follower for social proof
– bought Gramulizer 2 Instgram bot for 5,99€/month
– bought a 6,46€ Fiverr Logo
-searched and customized a contract
-setup Google MyBussiness (as location I just selected my city, cuz I dont have a office)
-created 2 blog posts
-gget the Google “basics online marketing” certificate get the Google “basics online marketing” certificate
-bought backlinks from a BHW user bought backlinks from a BHW user 5,99€
Clientes I contacted:
I have searched about 17 potentioal clients in local and contacted 9 of them via cold email. I have used a ” [email protected] ” email, I think the mail got in to the spam folder, cuz I got no answer since 1 week.

I also used a little Instagram “method” to get one potential customer. He is a german rapper who has just 10k Spotify streams and 1,4k Instagram follower. And I tell you, this guy has a huuuuge potential. I already spoke with him, he want a website, I will charge 500€ cuz it is a online shop.

Maybe (80%) he will buy the website in 3-4 weeks cuz he is a student and dont have money.
To-do List:
-search more potential customers and contact them
-send a second email to the customers I’ve contacted
-do cold calling
-more backlinks
-wirte blog posts
My fears:
So one of my fears in this business is that the clients do not take me seriously, cuz Im 18.
And my all time biggest fear is to cold call clients. I don’t know why but every time I try to call someone I go in the “survival mode” and my hart has like 300 bpm or so ^^ But the funny thing is that when I’m in the conversation with someone I have fun to talk with them, and my fear goes away. If you have any tips please share it with my
Why I am doing this Jurney:
To stay motivated. To get and share some tips.

To connect with new poeple.
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.. First of all, good luck on your journey! As advice for your emails, be sure to set up DKIM and SPF records in your domain, a lot of time emails go to spam folder due those records are not set. Also check if your domain or hosting was previously flagged as spam in some list and if it is, requests to be removed from there. Use this tool: https://mxtoolbox.

com/ Just put your domain and you will see what kind of errors your mailing system has and it will also check if it is in any spam list.
Anyway, cold mail has a really low answer rate so don’t be worried if from 100 mails you don’t get any answer..

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