YouTube Announces It Will Ban White Supremacist Content, Other Hateful Material YouTube announced Wednesday that it is removing thousands o… Wednesday, June 5, 2019 NPR News: YouTube Announces It Will Ban White Supremacist Content, Other Hateful Material YouTube Announces It Will Ban White Supremacist Content, Other Hateful Material YouTube announced Wednesday that it is removing thousands of videos from its platform that promote white supremacy and other hateful material. BGR Get 50 accessories for your GoPro or Yi action cam for $22 – If you have any GoPro action camera from the past few generations or any Yi action cam, there’s a killer deal right now on Amazon that you’re definitely ..

. 6 minutes ago New G Suite OAuth API activity reporting now available – What’s changingWe’ve added a new event to the OAuth Token Audit Activity Events in the Reports API and Reports section of the Admin console. This new event..

. 50 minutes ago CSS Grid Level 2 – subgrid is coming to Firefox – The subgrid feature which is part of Level 2 of the CSS Grid Specification is not yet shipping in any browser, but is now available for testing in Firefo… 52 minutes ago Mail merge with the Google Docs API – *Posted by Wesley Chun, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud* Students and working professionals use Google Docs every day to help enhance their productivity… 1 hour ago June 5th : New Preview Alpha Ring 1906 Update (1906.190603-1940) – Starting at 2:00 p.m.

PST today, members of the Xbox One Preview Alpha Ring will begin receiving the latest 1906 Xbox One system update (Build: 19H1_RELEAS..


2 hours ago 大宋少年志 劇集列表 CN190603 List to Ep6 – 大宋少年志 第6集 CN190603 Ep6 大宋少年志 第5集 CN190603 Ep5 大宋少年志 第4集 CN190603 Ep4 大宋少年志 第3集 CN190603 Ep3 大宋少年志 第2集 CN190603 Ep2 大宋少年志 第1集 張新成 周雨彤 鄭偉 王佑碩 CN190603 E.

.. 2 hours ago Android Q Beta 4 and Final APIs! – *Posted by Dave Burke, VP of Engineering* [image: AndroidQ logo] Last month at Google I/O we talked about what’s new for Android developers, from new f..


3 hours ago An Inside Look at Google Earth Timelapse – Posted by Paul Dille, Senior Software Developer, Carnegie Mellon University CREATE Lab, and Chris Herwig, Geo Data Engineer, Google Earth Outreach Six yea.

.. 3 hours ago Software Community Growth Through “first-timers-only” Issues – “first-timers-only issues are those which are written in a very engaging, welcoming way, far different than the usual ‘just report the bug’ type of GitHu… 3 hours ago News: Sports Direct in £51.9 million takeover bid of Game Digital – But retailer warns of job losses if bid succeeds. 4 hours ago Whale songs and AI, for everyone to explore – Back in the 1960s, scientists first discovered that humpback whales actually sing songs, which evolve over time.

But there’s still so much we don’t under… 4 hours ago Rocket League goes back in time with Radical Summer event, starting next week – You’re totally invited to Radical Summer, Rocket League’s summer-long celebration of all things 1980s. Grab your aviator shades and mixtapes, and prepare… 4 hours ago Hyuna is patterned up at ‘Burberry’ event – *Article*: Hyuna ‘socks and heels became one’ *Source*: TV Daily via Nate 1. [+281, -23] I just saw Seolhyun’s picture before this ㅠㅠ 2. [+214, -28] She.

.. 4 hours ago Our ongoing work to tackle hate – Over the past few years, we’ve been investing in the policies, resources and products needed to live up to our responsibility and protect the YouTube commu… 4 hours ago Competing with supercomputers: HPC in the cloud becomes reality – Migrating applications to the cloud usually requires significant planning, but some apps, such as data-intensive, tightly coupled high-performance comput… 4 hours ago Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.35 – We’re happy to announce that after spending some time in internal testing, Experimental Beta and Public Beta, the Euro Truck Simulator 2 Update 1.35 is now… 4 hours ago Google ドキュメントやスライドで、すべてのリンク コンテンツをワンクリックで更新 – この記事は 5 月 24 日に英語版ブログに掲載された記事を翻訳したものです。 新しい機能の概要[リンクされたオブジェクト] サイドバーが新たに加わります。このサイドバーでは、ドキュメント内にあるすべてのリンク コンテンツ(埋め込まれたグラフ、表、スライド、図形描画など)を確認できます。 ご利用対象エンドユ… 5 hours ago Maine inches closer to shutting down ISP pay-for-privacy schemes – Unlike a data privacy proposal in the US and a new data privacy law in California, the Maine data privacy bill aimed at Internet Service Providers (ISPs)..

. 5 hours ago 大時代 第241集 TW180703 Ep241 – 大時代 第241集 TW180703 Ep241 CYE4H8LJDBo 大時代 第241集 TW180703 Ep241 1 台灣電視劇 大時代 線上看tv在lovetvshow,大時代 最喜歡的台劇影片,大時代 演員陣容 王瞳 江祖平 GINO 江俊翰 5 hours ago BlueKeep: firewall best practices – Patching CVE-2019-07-08, known as BlueKeep, takes time and you need a line in the sand today. 6 hours ago SearchResearch Challenge (6/5/19): Unusual sports? – *There are plenty of amazing sports… * … many of which strike me as pretty unusual. There’s the annual wife-carrying competition (multiple locations.

.. 6 hours ago Unity Reflect: BIM to real-time 3D in one click for better design decisions – Announcing Unity Reflect, a new product for architects, building designers, and engineers to transfer multiple BIM models into real-time 3D in one click. U… 7 hours ago Patch Android! June 2019 update fixes eight critical flaws – It’s that time again. June’s patches for Android are here.

9 hours ago 子どもたちや家族を守るYouTubeの不断の取り組み – 「Responsibility(責任)」は、YouTube の最優先事項であり、子どもや家族を守ることはその中でも最も重要な取り組みです。YouTubeでは、青少年を搾取する可能性のある動画を取り締まる YouTube 独自の技術である CSAI Match テクノロジーなど、 長年に渡って青少年を守るため..

. 10 hours ago Email & Collaboration Industry Weekly: June 5, 2019 – Get G Suite adoption and collaboration insights with Work Insights, now generally available Work Insights, Google’s collaboration analytics tool for G Su… 11 hours ago Android Jetpack の新機能 – *この記事は **グループ プロダクト マネージャー、Karen Ng、Android プロダクト マネージャー、Jisha Abubaker** による Android Developers Blog の記事 “What’s New with Android Jetpack” を元に翻訳・加筆したものです。… 11 hours ago Google Lat Long Working to map the air everywhere and help #BeatAirPollution – Whenever I go for a bike ride, I use Google Maps to find bike lanes and avoid busy streets. When I take my kids to the park, I check the weather forecast.

.. 12 hours ago Understanding random number generators, and their limitations, in Linux – Random numbers are important in computing. TCP/IP sequence numbers, TLS nonces, ASLR offsets, password salts, and DNS source port numbers all rely on ran..


16 hours ago Inside Search Catch up on the Cricket World Cup with a little help from Google – For all the fans looking to catch the action and understand the ins and outs of the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, Google Search, the Assistant, and YouTube… 17 hours ago Google Nest Hub 新登場 – Google は、Google アシスタントを搭載するスマートディスプレイ「Google Nest Hub」を 6 月 12 日(水)より国内で発売します。 Google Nest Hub は、毎日の生活に便利な情報を一目で確認できるスマートディスプレイです。Google アシスタントを搭載し、話しかけるだけ..

. 17 hours ago Google Cloud Next ’19 in Tokyo セッション登録を開始 – 7 月 30 日(水)〜 8 月 1 日(木)の 3 日間にわたって開催する Google Cloud Next ’19 in Tokyo まで 2 か月をきりました。本日より、イベントサイトに各セッションのスピーカーや詳細スケジュールを公開し、セッション登録をしていただけるようになりました。 7 月 31… 18 hours ago Google Cloud Next ’19 in Tokyo セッション登録を開始 – 7 月 30 日(水)〜 8 月 1 日(木)の 3 日間にわたって開催する Google Cloud Next ’19 in Tokyo まで 2 か月をきりました。本日より、イベントサイトに各セッションのスピーカーや詳細スケジュールを公開し、セッション登録をしていただけるようになりました。 7 月 31… 18 hours ago Chrome for Android Update – Hi, everyone! We’ve just released Chrome 75 (75.0.3770.67) for Android: it’ll become available on Google Play over the next few weeks. This release contain.

.. 19 hours ago Work, play, learn and do more with Chromebooks – *From today, Aussies can enjoy a wider and **more enhanced range **of Chromebooks, from more retailers.* When most of us pick up a computer, we want to focu… 21 hours ago Adobe Connect Mobile Application screen flashes on Xiaomi MI A1 mobiles – Problem Statement: Adobe Connect Mobile Application screen flashes on Xiaomi MI A1 mobiles Environment: Adobe Connect Hosted /On-premise Xiaomi MI A1 mobil..

. 22 hours ago Indicating focus to improve accessibility – Focus indicators make the difference between day and night for people who rely on them. Focus is something that happens between the interactive elements … 1 day ago Jetpack 7.4: General Maintenance Update – Jetpack 7.4 is now available for download.

This is a general maintenance release that aims to fix several bugs and improve the flows around installing and … 1 day ago Firefox 68 Beta 6 Testday Results – Hello Mozillians! As you may already know, last Friday May 31st – we held a new Testday event, for Firefox 68 Beta 6. Thank you all for helping us make M… 1 day ago [theqoo] EVERYONE WHO WATCHED ARTHDAL YESTERDAY WILL AGREE THAT HE’S THE TOP OF SH*TTY ACTING (FT. CG) – Is Jang Donggun’s child actor, rapper One original post: here 1. So he’s been acting nowadays huh.

.. 2. He’s handsome but looks like he can’t act 3. Lo… 1 day ago New topics in Plugin SDK documentation – The TeamCity Plugin Contest is ongoing and there is still enough time to write some cool plugins! If you’re already participating, we’ve just added a coupl… 2 days ago Sunsetting the creation of target spend field for Maximize Clicks strategies in Google Ads API – On July 31st, 2019 we will begin to sunset the target spend field for Maximize Clicks bidding strategies in the API. This will affect all versions of both ..

. 2 days ago Connect & Collaborate with the Bing Maps team at Microsoft Inspire – The Bing Maps team will be at Microsoft Inspire 2019, July 14th through the 18th, in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are registered for the event, stop by the .

.. 2 days ago After the Cyber Resilience Review: A Targeted Improvement Plan for Service Continuity – Jeff Pinckard co-wrote this blog post. In 2011, the SEI’s CERT Division developed and published the Cyber Resilience Review (CRR) on behalf of the Departme… 2 days ago Teamweek Blog 10 Simple Ways Your Agency Can Make Clients Happier – Do you know the old saying, “You can’t please all of the people all of the time?” Better rethink that if you work at a creative agency, where keeping all o… 2 days ago Highlight Yoseob spotted standing guard at a queer parade – *Pann: Celebrity who was at a queer parade yesterday* 1. [+83, -3] Is the person next to him also a celebrity? He’s standing beside Yang Yoseob but his h..


2 days ago Driving Discussions on Education Across the Middle East – Before the start of Ramadan, we went through some very busy weeks in the Middle East, taking to the road and partnering with universities and organisatio… 4 days ago Googlebot が常に最新のレンダリング エンジンをサポートするようになります – Googlebot は、Google 検索のインデックスにウェブページを追加するためにウェブページを巡回しているクローラのことです。イベントやソーシャル メディアで寄せられる質問で最も多いものは、この Googlebot を最新の Chromium にアップデートしないのですか?というものでした。このた… 5 days ago Google Korea Blog 구글플레이 인디 게임 페스티벌 2019 인기상 유저 투표가 시작됐습니다. – 구글플레이가 ‘인디 게임 페스티벌 2019 인기상’ 유저 투표를 진행합니다! 투표는 5월 30일(목)부터 6월 24일(월)까지 약 한 달 간 구글플레이스토어에서 진행됩니다. 올해로 4회째를 맞는 구글플레이 인디 게임 페스티벌에는 유저 투표로 선정되는 인디 게임 페스티벌.

.. 5 days ago Taking Action on Deceptive Installation Tactics – Privacy, security and transparency are at the forefront of all the work we do on Chrome. In October, we announced changes aimed at ensuring Chrome extensio… 6 days ago A First Look at Docker Desktop Enterprise – Delivered as part of Docker Enterprise 3.0, Docker Desktop Enterprise is a new developer tool that extends the Docker Enterprise Platform to developers’ … 6 days ago Google Maps adds dish-covery to the menu – When you’re trying out a new restaurant, Google Maps already shows you how to get there, photos, reviews and ratings. But as you scan the menu, you’re pr… 6 days ago High-Level Technique for Insider Threat Program’s Data Source Selection – This blog discusses an approach that the CERT Division’s National Insider Threat Center developed to assist insider threat programs develop, validate, impl..


6 days ago How To: Stop and start a production OpenShift Cluster – This post was originally published on the ETI blog here.

So – you want to stop your OpenShift cluster? There are many reasons why you may want to stop your… 1 week ago Machine teaching with Dr. Patrice Simard – The post Machine teaching with Dr. Patrice Simard appeared first on The AI Blog.

1 week ago My Path to Google: Brian Calbeck, Mechanical Manufacturing Engineer – Welcome to the 33rd installment of our blog series “My Path to Google.” These are real stories from Googlers, interns, and alumni highlighting how they got.

.. 1 week ago Securing the Oracle Cloud – Greetings from sunny Seattle! My name is Eran Feigenbaum and I am the Chief Information Security Officer for the Oracle Cloud. Oracle Cloud Infrastructur..

. 1 week ago A glimpse of what’s to come. – Today we’re presenting new brand marks for Firefox Monitor and Firefox Lockwise. Lockwise? Yes, that’s the official name for the service we’d nicknamed “..

. 1 week ago Friend of Add-ons: Martin Giger – Our newest Friend of Add-ons is Martin Giger! Martin is a leader and member of the Mozilla Switzerland community, an extension developer, and a frequent … 1 week ago Reddit Welcomes Porter Gale to Board of Directors – Today, we are excited to welcome Porter Gale to the Reddit Board of Directors. Gale currently serves as Chief Marketing Officer at Personal Capital and is … 1 week ago Enhance your digital strategy: Women of Publishing Leadership Series – This summer, we’re excited to introduce the *Women of Publishing Leadership Series*, brought to you by the Google Partnerships team. This masterclass is an.

.. 1 week ago Mobile-First Indexing by default for new domains – Over the years since announcing mobile-first indexing – Google’s crawling of the web using a smartphone Googlebot – our analysis has shown that new webs… 1 week ago Neue Aufnahmemodi für Adobe Scan – In den App Stores gibt es Tausende von Produktivitäts-Apps, die jede Aufgabe in unserem Leben vereinfachen sollen – von Erinnerungen und Alarmen bis hin zu… 1 week ago Black Hat USA 2019 – Categories: Events Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NVBooth 660 *(Read more…)* The post Black Hat USA 2019 appeared first on Malwarebytes Press Center. 1 week ago Mozilla UX The 11 Secrets of Iterative and Incremental Product Development – A lightining talk – Something I really like about the Firefox UX team is how we are all open to learning from each other. So, when one of my colleagues shared this specific im..

. 1 week ago L10n report: May edition – Please note some of the information provided in this report may be subject to change as we are sometimes sharing information about projects that are still ..


1 week ago Working together to bring broadband to rural Veterans – Our nation’s Veterans have contributed to our country in so many ways, in countless locations around the globe.

When they return home, many Veterans who … 2 weeks ago Transitioning to a Career in AR/VR Design – *By Jake Blakeley* A couple of years ago, I made a silly prototype that let people shoot virtual foam darts at their friends’ faces in augmented reality…. 2 weeks ago New Street View Cars to Start the Ultimate Kiwi Roadtrip – This week three new Street View vehicles will hit the streets in New Zealand, starting with the South Island, to gather updated, higher quality 360-deg… 2 weeks ago New research: How effective is basic account hygiene at preventing hijacking – Posted by Kurt Thomas and Angelika Moscicki Every day, we protect users from hundreds of thousands of account hijacking attempts. Most attacks stem from au.


. 2 weeks ago Classroom Of The Elite Volume 9 (Chapter 4) – Part 2 – Part 2 A week after the entrance ceremony, was the first time that Sakayanagi approached me. I stopped by the convenience store on my way back to the do… 2 weeks ago Breaking down barriers to VR – YouTube is where people go to experience VR videos. With over one million VR videos and experiences, YouTube VR offers a diverse library of immersive conte..

. 2 weeks ago Building for all learners with new apps, tools, and resources – Everyone deserves access to a quality education—no matter your background, where you live, or your abilities. We’re recognizing this on Global Accessibil… 2 weeks ago Making it easier to shop across Google – Each day, hundreds of millions of people do shopping-related searches on Google. Now, we’re making the places where people come to browse and explore pro… 3 weeks ago Version 4.1.2 of the Akismet WordPress Plugin is Now Available – Version 4.

1.2 of the Akismet plugin for WordPress is now available. It contains the following changes: We’ve reduced the number of API requests made by the..

. 3 weeks ago Security Bulletins Posted – Adobe has published security bulletins for Adobe Acrobat and Reader (APSB19-18), Adobe Flash Player (APSB19-26) and Adobe Media Encoder (APSB19-29). Adobe … 3 weeks ago Introducing Josh and Jeremy to the SUMO team – Today the SUMO team would like to welcome Josh and Jeremy who will be joining our team from Boise, Idaho. Josh and Jeremy will be joining our team to help ..

. 3 weeks ago YouTrack Blog Make public! The advantages and disadvantages of public issue trackers – We as users have to deal with different tools every day. The tools may have bugs or be missing a feature we desperately want to have in it. There are diffe..

. 3 weeks ago Trashing the Flow of Data – Posted by Stephen Röttger In this blog post I want to present, a vulnerability in Chrome’s JavaScript compiler TurboFan that was discover… 3 weeks ago Actua and Google launch new AI partnership at Go North Youth – *Editor’s Note: today’s post is guest authored by Jennifer Flanagan, CEO Actua Canada * It is hard to capture in words the energy and optimism of a room fu..

. 3 weeks ago YouTube Blog-Korea 크리에이터 피드백에 대한 답변과 2019년 우선순위에 대해 알려드립니다. – 유튜브 크리에이터와 아티스트 여러분, 올해 벌써 많은 일들이 있어서인지, 아직 4월이라는 것이 믿기지 않습니다. 전 세계 유튜브 크리에이터 커뮤니티에서 창작 활동이 활발하게 이루어지고 있으며, 유튜브의 중심은 크리에이터들이라는 것을 더욱 분명하게 보여주고 있습니다.

유튜브는 … 3 weeks ago WeTransfer File Transfer Now Available in Thunderbird – WeTransfer’s file-sharing service is now available within Thunderbird for sending large files (up to 2GB) for free, without signing up for an account. Even.

.. 4 weeks ago Growing the Digital Inclusion Ecosystem – Earlier this month, my teammates and I attended the 2019 Net Inclusion conference in Charlotte, North Carolina. As the Government and Community Affairs tea… 4 weeks ago Brackets 1.14 has landed! – Today, we’re shipping a new update to Brackets (v1.14) to primarily lend support for Language Server Protocol (LSP).

As the web continues to evolve, buildi… 4 weeks ago Introducing Bento – Today we’re proud to introduce Bento, an open source framework for building modularized Android user interfaces, created here at Yelp. Over the past year, … 4 weeks ago Deconstruction of a Failure – Something I regularly tell my daughter, who can tend towards perfectionism, is that we all fail. Over the last few years, I’ve seen more and more talks and.

.. 5 weeks ago Firefox 67 new contributors – With the release of Firefox 67, we are pleased to welcome the 75 developers who contributed their first code change to Firefox in this release, 66 of whom … 5 weeks ago Improving our mobile layout – We are pleased to announce a new mobile layout that should provide an improved experience for mobile device users. We’ve changed the look of the search box.

.. 1 month ago Mozilla reacts to European Parliament plenary vote on EU Terrorist Content regulation – This evening lawmakers in the European Parliament voted to adopt the institution’s negotiating position on the EU Terrorist Content regulation. Here is a… 1 month ago From Zend to Laminas – Since its inception, Zend Technologies, and later Rogue Wave Software, has been single-handedly leading and sponsoring the Zend Framework project. Over t.

.. 1 month ago Mozilla’s Common CA Database (CCADB) promotes Transparency and Collaboration – The Common CA Database (CCADB) is helping us protect individuals’ security and privacy on the internet and deliver on our commitment to use transparent c… 1 month ago Launching a YouTube dataset of user-generated content – We are excited to launch a large-scale dataset of public user-generated content (UGC) videos uploaded to YouTube under a Creative Commons license. This dat..

. 1 month ago Launching a YouTube dataset of user-generated content – We are excited to launch a large-scale dataset of public user-generated content (UGC) videos uploaded to YouTube under a Creative Commons license. This dat… 1 month ago Cross-Browser NoScript hits the Chrome Store – I’m pleased to announce that, some hours ago, the first public beta of cross-browser NoScript (10.6.1) passed Google’s review process and has been publishe… 1 month ago Future Releases Firefox Beta for Windows 10 on Qualcomm Snapdragon Always Connected PCs Now Available – Whether it’s checking the weather forecast or movie times, you can always count on the web to give you the information you’re seeking. Your choice of ope.

.. 1 month ago Bogus security mechanisms: Encrypting localhost traffic – Nowadays it is common for locally installed applications to also offer installing browser extensions that will take care of browser integration. Securing… 1 month ago Paying Down Enterprise Content Debt: Part 3 – Paying Down Enterprise Content DebtPart 3: Implementation & governance *Summary:* This series outlines the process to diagnose, treat, and manage enterpris..

. 1 month ago NuGet Spring 2019 Roadmap – We published our last NuGet roadmap in June last year. Many of the features announced were major additions to NuGet and we have been hard at work to impl… 1 month ago Establishing the Pre-assessment DevOps Posture of an SDLC in a Highly Regulated Environment: Third in a Series – This third installment in our blog series on implementing DevOps in highly regulated environments (HREs), which is based upon a recently published paper, d… 1 month ago Gmail Blog The cloud demystified: How it works and why it matters – Whether you’re backing up photos or streaming our favorite TV shows, you may know it’s all made possible by the cloud. But for a lot of us, that’s where .

.. 1 month ago アナリティクス 360 ソリューション ガイド: トップブランドに見るカスタマー ジャーニー把握のアプローチ – この記事は、弊社公式ブログ記事「The Analytics 360 Solution Guide: How today’s top brands gain a deeper understanding of the customer journey」を元に構成しております。 デジタル技術… 2 months ago 3.5: Simpler extension model, projects, grants and funding schemas, and new terms for describing educational and occupational credentials – version 3.5 has been released.

This release moves a number of terms from the experimental “Pending” area into the core. It also simpl… 2 months ago ClamAV 0.101.2 and 0.100.

3 patches have been released! – ClamAV 0.101.2ClamAV 0.101.2 is a patch release to address a handful of security related bugs. This patch release is being released alongside the 0.100.

3 p… 2 months ago API Hashing Tool, Imagine That – In the fall of 2018, the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) Reverse Engineering (RE) Team received a tip from a trusted source about a YARA rule that trigg… 2 months ago 181217 Ellin’s Instagram Translated – I felt a little bad, but it’s a new experience! If I tried I would have increased my stay…^^♡ #jejudo #lottehotel #Filming #Tired #Let’sGoSeoul #bikini Sou… 2 months ago Spin your agency into the future – Anass Koudiss *| Global Education Programme Manager, Leadership* Reading time: 3 minutes If you’ve read a newspaper or an advertising industry magazine in t..

. 2 months ago Recommendations for deploying the latest Attack surface reduction rules for maximum impact – The keystone to good security hygiene is limiting your attack surface. Attack surface reduction is a technique to remove or constrain exploitable behavio.

.. 3 months ago Updated AIR 32 available on Adobe Labs. – Updated AIR 32, code named Evans, are now available on Adobe Labs. This beta release includes new features as well as enhancements and bug fixes related to..

. 3 months ago Blog@Daum – ArirangTV [ 아리랑TV ] 로봇에 마음을 담는 로봇공학자, 한재권교수 – 11일 방송 – PRESS RELEASES아리랑TV 토크쇼 [Heart to heart]로봇에 마음을 담는 로봇공학자, 한재권 교수□ 방송일 : 2월 11일 월요일 오전 8시□ 출 연 : 한재권 교수 □ M C : 제니퍼 클라이드휴머노이드 로봇이란 인간의 모습을 본따 만든 로봇으로, “사람이 … 3 months ago Blog@Naver – Arirang [ 아리랑TV ] 로봇에 마음을 담는 로봇공학자, 한재권교수 – 11일 방송 – PRESS RELEASES아리랑TV 토크쇼 [Heart to heart]로봇에 마음을 담는 로봇공학자, 한재권 교수□ 방송일 : 2월 11일 월요일 오전 8시□ 출 연 : 한재권 교수 □ M C : 제니퍼 클라이드휴머노이드 로봇이란 인간의 모습을 본따 만든 로봇으로, “사람이 … 3 months ago SATURN Blog Merging with SEI Blog – Changes are coming in how we communicate with the SEI Architecture User Network (SATURN) beginning February 18. Technical content of interest to software a..


4 months ago An update on Google+ and Blogger – Following the announcement of Google+ API deprecation scheduled for March 2019, a number of changes will be made to Blogger’s Google+ integration on 4 Febr..

. 4 months ago Code Coverage on Phabricator – We have recently implemented a solution to integrate code coverage results into Phabricator. This article was initially published on Marco Casteluccio’s b… 4 months ago Important Security Notice – Vulnerability allowing permission escalation – Please note that if you are a YouTrack InCloud customer, or a commercial customer of YouTrack Standalone or Upsource, you should have already received an e..

. 4 months ago Android Platform Testing Made Easy – By Simran Basi, Dan Shi, Dan Willemsen, and Clay Murphy Android Engineering Productivity (Android EngProd) seeks to ease development of the Android operati… 4 months ago AdSense Blog-Korea Happy 2019! 한 해 동안 AdSense와 함께해주셔서 감사합니다. – (*영상 우측하단 설정 메뉴에서 한국어 자막을 선택하여 감상하세요!) 한국 AdSense 사용자 여러분 안녕하세요, 2018년 한 해 동안 Google AdSense와 함께 해주신 여러분께 진심어린 감사의 마음을 담은 짧은 영상을 전합니다. 모두 한 해 잘 마무리 하셨나요..


5 months ago Top local spots to help with last-minute holiday shopping – The last-minute holiday shopping season is officially here! To help shoppers discover new and unique retailers in their local communities, Google is sharin.

.. 5 months ago Reducing gender bias in Google Translate – Over the course of this year, there’s been an effort across Google to promote fairness and reduce bias in machine learning. Our latest development in thi..

. 5 months ago We’ve moved. Come visit us.

– Over ten years ago, we wrote our first post on our Geo Developers blog, and today we’re sharing our new location for the Google Maps Platform blog. Our new.

.. 6 months ago Expansion of the UK Ambassador Platform – Applications that use space data and services are one of the most exciting areas of the space ecosystem. There are so many innovative and disruptive exampl.

.. 7 months ago NCT 127 Dominates Domestic And International Charts With First Full Album – NCT 127 returns with a chart-topping full album that is beyond your Regular-Irregular music! NCT 127 made its highly anticipated comeback with its first … 7 months ago Improving DataView performance in V8 – DataViews are one of the two possible ways to do low-level memory accesses in JavaScript, the other one being TypedArrays. Up until now, DataViews were m… 8 months ago AdMob: a new look and feel – Today we’re excited to announce a fresh new look for AdMob! We’re committed to delivering a world-class app monetization experience, which is why we’re ev..


8 months ago YouTube パートナーサポートプログラムに参加中クリエイターのインタビュー第ニ弾 – YouTube パートナーシップチームでは、チャンネル運用をサポートするパートナー サポートプログラムを実施しています。6ヶ月間、パートナーマネージャーによるミーティングや、限定ワークショップを開催するなど、などあらゆる角度からクリエイターをサポートしておりさせていただいており、今まで数多くのクリエイターの皆さ..

. 8 months ago Effectively Measuring Search in Firefox – Last year, we announced new telemetry measurements to count follow-on searches that start in Firefox and continue on search engine pages. This follow-on me..

. 9 months ago The Joy of Coding – Episode 147 – [image: The Joy of Coding – Episode 147] mconley livehacks on real Firefox bugs while thinking aloud. 9 months ago A Designer, Developer and Writer Walk into a Bar. – Or what makes Teamweek Product Team special. I joined Teamweek’s marketing team 3 years ago. After realising that it wasn’t really a job for me, I was offe.

.. 9 months ago 2018 Scholar Metrics Released – Scholar Metrics provide an easy way for authors to quickly gauge the visibility and influence of recent articles in scholarly publications. Today, we are … 10 months ago New brand, new home: Where to find Google Marketing Platform online – When we brought together DoubleClick and the Google Analytics 360 Suite under Google Marketing Platform, we knew we had to make some changes to our website… 10 months ago New brand, new home: Where to find Google Marketing Platform online – When we brought together DoubleClick and the Google Analytics 360 Suite under Google Marketing Platform, we knew we had to make some changes to our websi… 10 months ago 对 Google 图片引荐来源网址的更新 – 每天都有上億使用者利用 Google 圖片 來探索網路上的圖像內容。無論使用者是在尋找下一個烘焙項目的靈感,還是需要修理爆胎的圖解說明,有時候瀏覽圖片搜尋結果會比單純看文字更有幫助。 更新參照連結網址來源 網站管理員通常很難得知 Google 圖片在為網站吸引流量方面所扮演的角色,為此,我們將在接下來幾個月針對 … 10 months ago 10 must-see G Suite developer sessions at Google Cloud Next ‘18 – Posted by Posted by Wesley Chun (@wescpy), Developer Advocate, Google Cloud Google Cloud Next ’18 is less than a week away and this year, there are over 50..

. 10 months ago Introducing Google Ad Manager – Since the acquisition of DoubleClick over 10 years ago, we’ve continuously evolved our platforms to help our partners grow their revenue and create sustain… 11 months ago Time is running out to defend user rights online. – Image by Frédéric Bisson (CC-BY 2.0) via Flickr *Now that it has passed a critical vote in the European Parliament, we have one last opportunity to make th… 11 months ago Investing in Investigative journalism – Investigative journalists depend on a number of digital techniques in their work—from analyzing data on a shared spreadsheet, to identifying the original..


11 months ago Our 10th Doodle 4 Google winner is dino-mite – Ten years ago, for the very first Doodle 4 Google contest, we asked students “what if?” A decade later, we’ve been privileged to receive hundreds of thou.

.. 11 months ago Say hello to the new Hire, a smarter, faster way to recruit, by Google – With thelaunch of Hire last year, we simplified the hiring process by integrating it into the tools where recruiters already spend much of their day—Gmai… 11 months ago Joining forces in Europe to prepare for the future of work – Picture a pathologist leaning over a microscope, looking for cancerous cells in a sample. It’s hard, time-consuming work, yet also vitally important. But… 11 months ago YouTube Music and YouTube Premium Launch in the UK – From Ariana Grande’s One Love Manchester live stream to Stormzy taking over at the 2018 BRIT Awards, and landmark videos like “Despacito,”“New Rules” and ..

. 11 months ago Join Us for Our Meetup: Stop Compromising Quality Featuring Angie Jones – SmartBear and Angie Jones are joining forces to teach you everything you need to know about setting up an automation strategy for success in our upcoming M… 11 months ago Spectre / Meltdown Mitigations – In response to a class of recently disclosed vulnerabilities in popular CPU hardware related to data cache timing (CVE-2017-5753, CVE-2017-5715, CVE-2017-5..

. 11 months ago How Risky is License Risk? – [image: Risk cubes] Every once in a while, somebody will come along and highlight that restrictive licenses carry more risk than permissive licenses. I t… 1 year ago Outsmart Memorial Weekend Traffic with Waze – The holiday traffic forecast is in, Wazers. If you’ll be stateside during the unofficial state to summer, pay extra attention to when and where you’re hea..

. 1 year ago Google Commerce 5 ways Google Pay can save you time and money at checkout – There are all kinds of ways you might try to get back time in your day, from looking up the fastest route to work to ordering takeout on your way home. G… 1 year ago Simpler summer vacation planning starts today – Over the next few weeks people will start locking in their summer travel plans—we see the biggest spike in Google Flights searches for summer vacation da… 1 year ago Se préparer à entrer dans une nouvelle ère en matière de réglementation sur la confidentialité des données avec Microsoft Cloud – Microsoft bénéficie d’une grande expertise en matière de protection des données, de défense de la vie privée et de respect des réglementations, aussi compl..

. 1 year ago Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHP🦄 Weekend Hashtag Project is a… – *Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHP🦄* *Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. Fo.

.. 1 year ago 3scale by Red Hat API and Identity Management Series – Today’s modern infrastructure faces the complex challenge of managing user’s access to the resources. To protect system and data integrity, companies hav.

.. 1 year ago Find out how journalists across the world use technology today – How do journalists use technology around the world? A new interactive explorer produced by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and Google New… 1 year ago K타이거즈 공식 블로그 [변현민] RAINZ 2ND MINI LIVE 현장 – 안녕하세요, K타이거즈 담당자도 RAINZ 2ND MINI LIVE 에 다녀왔습니다! 가서 현민이의 개인 무대도 보고 사진도 찍었는데요.잘 나온 사진 몇 장 공개하도록 할게요 😇 공연 중간에도 카메라 보면서 브이 해 주는 여유로움 ✌🏻 과 인터뷰 질문도 센스 있게 잘 받아치..

. 1 year ago Snort Subscriber Rule Set Update for 01/16/2018 – Just released: Snort Subscriber Rule Set Update for 01/16/2018 We welcome the introduction of the newest rule release from Talos. In this release we intro..

. 1 year ago We’ve Moved! – Head over to our new Google Fonts Collection on Google Design to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest developments at Google Fonts. Here you’ll … 1 year ago JavaScript Startup Bytecode Cache – (firefox 58) We want to make Firefox load pages as fast as possible, to make sure that you can get all the goods from the loaded pages available as soon as… 1 year ago Good Bye Verizon, You Let Success Go To Your Head – Do you remember when Verizon Wireless had the best signal anywhere in the US? There was a time when Verizon was the only choice if you wanted a strong sig..

. 1 year ago The Style Spotlight: Kelly Castro – Portraits are photography in its most primal form—a person, a camera and as few distractions as possible. In this Style Spotlight, Lightroom team member Ke..

. 1 year ago Celebrating Manufacturing Day with a Focus on FDI – This article originally appeared on tradeology, the official blog of ITA. Although I believe Manufacturing Day is an everyday affair, the official 2017 M… 1 year ago Unable to log in to Adobe Forum: Error – Too many redirects – When trying to sign in to, you may see this error: First, try these steps: Clear browser cookies Clear everything from cache, history, sav..

. 1 year ago Former Girl’s Day member Jiseon to go on ‘The Unit’ – [Naver: X Sports News] (Exclusive) Girl’s Day ex-member Jiseon to go on ‘The Unit’… comeback as an idol 1. [+856, -13] She must regret leaving Girl’s … 1 year ago Taking Measure Has Moved! – The NIST Taking Measure blog has moved to its new, permanent home on the NIST website. Please update your bookmarks and RSS readers accordingly. Thanks! .

.. 1 year ago Around the Globe – Fundación Todo Mejora supports LGBT youth – Todo Mejora means “it gets better”—and it’s this message that the Chile-based nonprofit has worked tirelessly to advocate for. In the wake of continual L… 1 year ago There is a lot to see—Convert XUL to HTML – This is a repost from medium, where Arshad originally wrote the blog post. In the past blog, I talked mostly about the development environment setup, but… 1 year ago MozPDX Revamped ~ Coming Soon! – This fall 2017, the MozPDX office will be undergoing a huge transformation! Not only will there be a number of improvements to the space but their office c..


1 year ago AdSense ネイティブ広告のご紹介 – この度、新しい *AdSense ネイティブ広告*をご紹介いたします。ネイティブ広告は、サイトのデザインに溶け込むように作られた一連の広告フォーマットで、サイトを訪れたユーザーに優れたユーザー エクスペリエンスを提供します。A*dSense ネイティブ広告には、インフィード広告、記事内広告、関連コンテンツ ユニ… 1 year ago Verified Binary Multiplication for GHASH – Previously I introduced some very basic Cryptol and SAWScript, and explained how to reason about the correctness of constant-time integer multiplication … 1 year ago Mic Drop — Announcing the New Special Publication 800-63 Suite! – More than a year in the making, after a large, cross-industry effort, we are proud to announce that the new Special Publication (SP) 800-63 IS. NOW.

FINAL…. 1 year ago What Makes a WordPress Site? – Find out how Jetpack is about to make making a WordPress site easier. Continue reading → 1 year ago U.K. General Election: Join the #PowerToDecide challenge – The U.

K. General Election is being held on 8 June 2017.

This is a great opportunity for young people, in particular, to have their voices heard and to shap..

. 2 years ago 지금 Xbox One에서 완전히 달라진 Skype를 만나보세요. – 유니버설 Windows 플랫폼으로 만든 Skype 앱이 작년에 Windows 10 1주년 업데이트와 함께 PC와 모바일 버전으로 발표되었습니다.

이제 Xbox One 크리에이터 업데이트로 이 버전의 Skype를 Xbox One에서 사용할 수 있어 큰 기대에 가슴이 벅차오릅니… 2 years ago Xbox One 用の新しい Skype がリリースされました – 昨年、Windows 10 Anniversary Update 搭載の PC と モバイル向けにユニバーサル Windows プラットフォーム バージョンの Skype アプリをリリースしました。 本日は、このバージョンの Skype を The post Xbox One 用の新しい Skype がリ… 2 years ago Smashcast emerges. – We have completed our integration of Hitbox and Azubu and proudly present our new platform: Smashcast.

Revealed today are new designs, features and apps al.

.. 2 years ago Google April Fools’ Day 2017 – April Fools’ Day should probably be called Google Fools’ Day, since there are so many Google hoaxes. Google Japan developed a “bubble wrap” version of the … 2 years ago Firebug 2.0.19 – The Firebug team released Firebug 2.


19. This is a maintenance release ensuring compatibility with latest Firefox releases. The beta channel on AMO is a… 2 years ago Filter Incoming Serialization Data – a little of JDK 9 goodness available now in current … – One of the new features developed for JDK 9, JEP 290: Filter Incoming Serialization Data, has been back-ported to JDK 8, 7, and 6. The option of filtering .

.. 2 years ago Mozilla Research Grants: Call for Applications – Mozilla seeks applications for research funding to support our mission: to ensure the Internet is a global public resource, open and accessible to all. In .

.. 2 years ago The redesigned Racket blog – *posted by Matthew Butterick* I love Racket. But a few months ago, I really wanted to kill this blog. Why? Because who reads blogs, right? It’s like get..

. 2 years ago Shootaround (Nov. 26): ‘Awful’ Warriors manage to win – NEWS OF THE MORNING Warriors less ‘awful’ than Lakers | Record night for 3-pointers | Lee shows Celtics what could have been | Hornets’ roster, record take..


2 years ago Project Sunroof New Data Explorer Tool – Google has always been a proponent of clean energy, and solar power has been a central part of our vision.

Over the past year, Project Sunroof has been … 2 years ago Editor’s Note – All of the writers & recurring features previously found on the All Ball Blog can now be read on and the NBA app. Exact same content, just a new ho… 2 years ago Sellers: New Replacement and Exchange Options Now Available – In our 2016 Fall Seller Update released this August, we mentioned that new capabilities for handling returns were on the horizon. We’re excited to announce..

. 2 years ago Beer and Tell – September 2016 – Once a month, web developers from across the Mozilla Project get together to talk about our side projects and drink, an occurrence we like to call “Beer an… 2 years ago Meeting notes – If you are wondering why no new notes have been posted here for a long time, or if you want to these postings to resume, see bug 1275636 and bug 1300427. 2 years ago Now for the fun part – Tim Murray On our open design journey together, we’ve arrived at an inflection point. Today our effort — equal parts open crit, performance art piece, an.

.. 2 years ago.

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