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The use of video in marketing has been around for a long time. From commercials to movie previews, very few mediums can communicate as quickly, effectively and thoroughly as a well-placed video.
As electronic communication, and specifically email, continues to gain in importance, it only makes sense to use videos embedded in your marketing email campaigns. In fact, just placing the word “video” in the subject line of an email has been shown to increase open rates.
With that said, there is one thing that can prevent a company from effectively using video in its electronic marketing…It can be quite difficult to do it and to do it well.

Even though it can be tricky, if you are hoping to develop a strong email marketing campaign, it is vital that video plays a large role. Why You Should Use Video in Your Email Marketing Campaigns
With the explosion of YouTube, Facebook Live, Snapchat, and almost every other social media or online communication platform…Video is king. If your goal is to reach more people more effectively, then you have to keep up with the video-based culture.

Communicate Effectively and Easily
The main reason that you should use video in an email campaign is that it communicates your message easily and effectively. The key to marketing is communication and video is the best form of online communication.
Videos are more impactful to viewers than simple text. Customers on your marketing lists find them more engaging and more interesting and are much more likely to actively pay attention to the message.

Videos Save Time
Initially, this may not be the case. As you begin to create and use videos in your overall marketing plan, it can initially be difficult to include the right content with the right quality.

Once you get the hang of video communication, however, it becomes much simpler than the written word.
Think about how much time we spend communicating verbally with how much time we spend writing. In general, we both receive and transmit verbal communication better than we receive and transmit the written word. The Potential to Go Viral
The word “viral” can mean different things for different people and in different contexts.

For our purposes, viral simply means that it reaches three to five times more people than you believed it would.
While this very rarely happens with the written word, a well-timed and produced video can strike a chord and become something bigger than you thought it would be. Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the goal when it comes to getting your name on the top of the list for Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. A video has the potential to raise your Google ranking which only helps your online marketing presence. How to Begin If you have read this far then you already know how important video should be to a good email campaign. Here are some things you should do to get started.

Ask yourself why you want to start this particular campaign at this particular time. Think about what your objectives are and if you have a realistic shot at being successful.
If you are still moving forward with the campaign, outline it. What strategies will you use, what goals will you accomplish, and what indicators will help you know if you are on the right track.
Understand who you are targeting and make sure video marketing is the best way to reach your audience. Once you know who you are hoping to reach, cater your videos to their demographics and preferences.
Create a budget and stick to it. Quality Videos
There are a lot of poorly produced videos out there and you definitely know them when you see them.

Make sure that the videos used in your email marketing campaign meet all the criteria that you are going for, but most of all are high-quality productions.
If you have ever been scrolling through Facebook or Twitter and come to a video that catches your attention, there is one thing that can make you regret your decision immediately…Poor quality.
A poorly produced, low-quality video will not communicate your message and it very well could hurt your overall message. The bottom line is that if you cannot produce a quality video, do not produce one at all.

For example, using Moovly , an online video editor and maker for SME, large enterprises, and education is a perfect way to make sure your videos are high-quality. Easily make videos – Try Moovly for free Short and To the Point
Make your message short and to the point. We have all clicked on a video to learn something only to find out that there are 5 minutes of background before a point is ever made.
If you want to communicate something, communicate it quickly and creatively or you will lose your audience. Share, Share, Share
The best way to get your video out to as many people as possible is to share it and to ask others to share as well. Through email and all forms of social media, the “share” function has become a staple of electronic communication.

Preview Before Sending
Before sending your video out to the masses, send it to people that you trust to get their opinion and their corrections. Why risk sending out poor quality work when a simple viewing by a friend could fix the problem? How to Make Video Email Marketing Campaigns Successful
Once you have decided to use video in email marketing and have gone through the beginning steps, you are ready to make your campaign successful.
Here are some tips to do just that. Create a Video Series
We have already concluded that a long video will be an ineffective one. However, if you have a lot of content to communicate, a series just might be the way to go.
Creating a series builds anticipation, allows you to stay focused, and gives you the ability to communicate a lot of information without creating a long video.

When you send the email, make sure to place the word “video” in the subject line because your open rate will increase. What Action Do You Want Your Viewers to Take
A Call to Action (CTA) may be the single most important aspect of your video marketing campaign. At the end of your video, if your viewers do not know what you want them to do next, you have wasted your time.
With all of the talk of click rates, open rates, effectiveness, etc. what does any of it mean if your subscribers do not know what you are calling them to do. Make sure your call to action is clear, concise, easy to quantify, and easy to track. Technical Considerations
When creating a video, do not use an autoplay function. Your customers should have the option on whether or not to open your video, do not force it on them.

Once your subscriber has decided to watch the video, make sure it is single tap rather than double click so that a new browser does not open.
Use customer interviews and testimonials, but do not overuse. Find a good spokesperson who can quickly and concisely share their wonderful experience. Pitfalls to Avoid
There are some things that you should avoid when using video email marketing.

As powerful as this type of campaign can be, there are some things that can ruin it from the start.
The first thing is that you should not use the phrase “click here” too often and you should never use the word “test” in the heading of an email.
Do not use bright and dazzling colors for the body of your email. Keep it simple and let the focus be on the video.

Include text within the email. While the video should be the focus, it should not be the only content.

Stay away from overusing capital letters and exclamation points. Conclusion
Videos are becoming more and more important to every aspect of society. Especially with the ever-improving nature of technology, it is vital for companies to stay at the forefront of effective marketing techniques.
It is vital that you continue to track analytics and gauge the effectiveness of video email marketing, but all of the research points to a continued rise in importance and effectiveness. The sooner you start, the sooner that you will reach your customers in new and exciting ways.
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