Today’s brand building tip. We’re going to be talking all about once again, list building strategies, but in this video we’re going to be talking about all of the various different components that you need to understand and incorporate into your business. What I am covering here, in this white board video, is how these automated emails work and where to place them so you will be able to then communicate with your email list effectively and efficiently.

[01:21] Traffic Sources – There’s youtube, facebook, Instagram, and a blog. Each can teach you “How to grow your email List”.

[01:50] Page 1 | Offer/Email Capture
Page number one is your offer page, but it’s also your email capture page.

[02:28] Page 2 | Thank You
A Thank you is just going to say, hey, thanks so much. Then it’s going to let them know to go to a link in your email and receive the download or coupon code.

[05:20] Autoresponder/Sequence
This is a sequence generated automatically. We usually build this out with four messages. Using 4 steps. These are the building blocks and deliver what was promised here. Remember that if it’s a contest, it could say, that you just want to let you know that they have entered.

[08:06] Broadcasts
These are pre-written emails that are sent out to your entire lists. Could be a weekly newsletter or updates.

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