My entrepreneurial journey has been pretty crazy so far.

Over the years — as I’ve grown multiple 7-figure companies — I’ve spent nearly $3 MILLION on Facebook Ads. Seriously.

My Facebook Ads experience started when I helped build the first Facebook Ads platform as employee #30 at Facebook. Then, it continued when I was employee #4 at… and today as the founder of AppSumo, Sumo, and OkDork.

When people hear about my experience, they LOVE asking how to target new customers with Facebook ad campaigns:

“Hey Noah, can you make money on social media?”
“Dude, can you show me how to set up Facebook ads retargeting?”
“Okay, answer this real quick: how do I setup a Facebook funnel?”

Today, I’m sharing my insights in this small business guide to Facebook advertising. In this video you’ll learn step-by-step how to grow your email list with $1 sign ups using social media ads.

Plus, you’ll discover:
1- How to set up Facebook funnels
2- Retargeting ads that drive super-cheap traffic to high-quality articles
3- My top Facebook PPC tricks and how to use landing pages to capture emails.
4- And lots more…

You’ll learn tips in this Facebook ads guide that you won’t find anywhere else.

00:42 Which articles should I promote?
01:40 Who do I promote my article?
03:00 What does retargeting mean?
03:25 Facebook ads for beginners
08:31 How to set up Facebook retargeting to capture $1 email sign-ups
13:31 How to cut your Facebook ad spending by 33%
14:34 Why I don’t target Instagram or Google when advertising online
15:22 My “test it out” strategy


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