In this Facebook Ads 2019 video I show you everything I’ve learnt about building an email list with Facebook advertising.

I show you my entire Facebook advertising strategy that I use to add thousands of email subscribers to my list every month and I go through each step in a lot of detail (using real life examples)

So you can go through this video even if you’re a complete Facebook advertising beginner.

I start with the all important lead magnet that you’re going to be advertising on Facebook.

Then I move onto landing pages which is the location your Facebook ads are going to send your prospects.

And I show you exactly how I create Facebook ad campaigns including:
1) How to set up your Facebook ad campaigns properly so that they deliver your campaign objective
2) How to use Facebook’s audience insights to find highly targeted and profitable groups of people to advertise to
3) How to create epic Facebook video ad content that converts
4) How to install the Facebook ads Pixel and use it to create custom audiences and powerful retargeting campaigns
5) How to advertise on Facebook using one of Facebook’s most effective features: lookalike audiences


5-Part Facebook Ad Template Landing Page:

OptimizePress (Landing Page Software):

Facebook Pixel Helper:

Facebook Video Ad Example:

How To Install The Facebook Pixel Video:

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Best of luck guys, Ben

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