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Wondering about email service platforms and which providers will best suit your business’s email marketing efforts? Sometimes business owners wonder whether email marketing will increase their ROI. Using Email marketing automation tools in combination with writing effective and engaging copy has the highest ROI of all forms of online marketing. If you want to learn email marketing best practices as well as what email marketing solutions offer the best experience for bloggers and small business owners, you’re in the right place. Email automation tools don’t have to be complex, in fact, you’ll learn the necessity of email marketing and why HubSpot email marketing and automation platform offers the best all-in-one solution for businesses making between $250,000 and $5Million in annual revenue. In this video, I will discuss what is working now in terms of email marketing trends in 2019 and provide email automation examples. For the best email marketing tutorial, email marketing tips and email marketing training, be sure to subscribe to this channel where you’ll learn all about email marketing for beginners and how to do email marketing. Does email marketing still work? If it didn’t, you wouldn’t be seeing all the large companies talking about email marketing tips and tricks. In this email marketing tutorial, I’ll show you why email marketing is important, the best email marketing strategies for 2019, as well as how to become effective at email marketing, and finally, how to use email marketing to grow your business.

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