Did you know that 42% of businesses say email is one of their most effective lead generation channels? Or that that 122,500,453,020 emails are sent every hour? 

You may have heard that email marketing is going away but the average business owner per month see a 139% return on a well-done email campaign.

With email reaching us on phones, tablets, computers and more, we are seeing and interacting with email more, not less, studies show. Yet, we all complain about spam and email overload. 

So, how can our community members (interior designers, home decor brands, and bloggers) come together to use email marketing effectively without irritating people?

We have back my friend and special guest, +Stephan Hovnanian who has handled email marketing for companies large and small for 10+ years. 

You will learn:
1. What does it take to email market effectively
2. How much email is too much?
3. What are “drip campaigns” and how can I use them?
4. When should you hire a pro to handle your email marketing? 

Some highlights
3:19 – Email is not dying, but messaging in general is changing due to services like Inbox by Google (and Gmail tabs, social apps, etc.). We talk about our need to adapt, as messaging services, devices, and social networks change their services based on their customers’ needs not ours!

Remember, 6-7 years ago, the only place you got messages of any sort was in your inbox. Now, messages are all over the place, so your email inbox is turning into the most sacred place to communicate with you. As a marketer, if you’re invited to someone’s inbox, you now have an opportunity and an obligation to deliver on the promise that you’re gonna develop a relationship.

8:24 – Relevance and Touchpoints. We talk about how you can use your email newsletter and email marketing strategy to stay top of mind, even if you aren’t in a business that interacts frequently with customers (such as a Realtor, or Interior Designer). You have your finger on the pulse of your industry, which means you can create relevance and trust by keeping them top of mind.

We talked through some examples, too.

14:53 – How well do you know your subscribers? Are they tech-savvy? Do they have AOL accounts? Are they primarily corporate addresses? Because you are best served designing your emails to take advantage of these demographics (and the devices they typically use).

But wait… don’t forget that your subscribers might be opening their emails on more than one device, and the action you want them to take could impact your strategy.

18:20 – How much is too much? Once a month at minimum, and if you’re busy enough to send weekly emails, mix it up: change the types of emails you send, the topics you cover, the subject lines, and definitely create a calendar for yourself. Otherwise, just like anything, your subscribers will become blind and ambivalent to your emails.

We talked out more examples here too.

21:50 – Laurie and I dig into autoresponders and drip campaigns. Highly effective ways to segment and target your messaging. Again, more examples, and a tip here that you could have a monthly newsletter (to your whole list) but send out several segmented emails tailored to their interests going out throughout the month.

26:30 – A question from +Susan Serra – how do you start to build a new list? Great question, I rattled off like 10 ideas and best practices 🙂

29:50 – When should you hire a pro, and what can you do yourself? Once you have a strategy, you can probably handle your newsletter on your own. But if you are looking at anything campaign or marketing related, I’d suggest bringing in someone to help; there are lots of moving parts with these types of campaigns to get the best results.

32:59 – Tailor your design to the intent of your email. Make sure you listen to this segment, it’s super-important!

Any questions ahead of time? Ask them here or shoot me a message by tagging me.

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