imageEmail Marketing for Music: Three Quick Tips. Three fast, actionable tips to improve your email marketing. Email is a very important piece of the music marketing puzzle but are you making the most of your email list? In this post we explore just three very quick tips that will help you make better use of email marketing when promoting your music.
1. Think about who you are writing to and segment your lists accordingly. There are several reasons you might be sending an email when marketing your music such as: Sending promos to club/radio DJ’s. Sending press releases / information to bloggers & journalists.

Sending new music, tour news or new content to fans.

When sending a newsletter always make sure you have the audience in mind. If you are emailing DJ’s they don’t need your streaming links and would likely prefer to receive a promo they can quickly review/download (maybe try one of these services ). Press releases will look and include very different information to a promotional newsletter for your fans. Make sure you are only sending your newsletter to fans, promos to DJ’s and press releases to journalists.

Do not add all three groups into the same mailing list ! 2. Do NOT make this common mistake. One mistake we see time and time again is artists sending the link to their music on just one platform.

This alienates a large number of your fans who may prefer to listen to your music in another way. Always include smart links for your music – Smart links are links like this that allow the user to choose how they consume your music. The same thing goes for when you are promoting a song pre-release. Don’t limit your drive to a Spotify pre-save or Apple pre-add. Use Soundplate Clicks to create pre-save campaigns for Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music (you can also include pre-order inks for other stores if you have them).

This gives your fans the choice and stops you missing out on valuable fan interaction. 3. Add value and create great content. When you are emailing your fans, always think about what extra value or content you can give to them.

The fans who have signed up for your newsletter can be much more valuable to you than a casual fan who has found you online.

Make them feel special. Some ideas of how you can do that include: Exclusive content or early access to new content. The story behind how you made your new song/album. A personal insight into what you are working on and how you are feeling. Exclusive images and video content.

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