imageDo I have a good Website?
Advest Marketing Here are the 5 key elements that every great website has.
Websites are the center of your online presence. Without a website, it is hard to truly grow your online brand. If you need a website or are looking for a different website — read this now .
When it comes to designing a website, there are two different routes you can take.
The first route is building it in house with your employees.

Although this may be cost-effective, many people don’t know where to start .

And when they do start, they often forget very important elements.

The other is outsourcing it to a web design/development agency. The issue with this route is that some companies charge $10k, 15k, and oftentimes more for a website.

You get a high-quality website, but that comes with a steeeep price tag and little customization on your end.
So, if you’re like most businesses, you want a great website without having to declare bankruptcy .

Here’s the solution — I’ll lay it out in front of you.
Analyze whether or not you have time to build a website. Websites take 20+ hours to make, but that can be double or triple if you’re new to the development site. The best sites to use for design are Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace.

If you do have time, ask yourself this question: Am I creative? This is so important. Bryce and I spent hours trying to build our website and it went nowhere.

If you aren’t creative, save yourself the time and outsource it. If you have time and are creative, you’re in luck and should save the money and build it yourself.

Wix is so easy to use and they have tons of resources to help you learn anything you’ll need. YouTube will also be your best friend. If you don’t have time or are not creative AND can’t afford to spend >$5,000 for a website, don’t worry. Advest Marketing is here to save you.

We want to help small businesses build their digital presence, and it all starts with a website.

Reach out to us and we can make something work. We promise.
Anyways, here are 5 elements that every website NEEDS to have. This is how your website will help you get more leads/sales!!
Have a call to action at the top of your page. Whether that be a pop-up or a button to subscribe to an email list, you want to draw your audience in.

Have them take an action that will help. Getting their email is important and you can retarget them in your email campaigns Provide content that is useful to your audience. Essentially, give them free value. We post blogs and podcasts aiming to give people advice for free! You don’t need those things, but have a page dedicated to articles about your services and why they are can help people. This will have people come back to your website looking for more. Give them tips about your industry — people appreciate free advice.

Tell your brand story. This one is really important. People remember stories so well. It’s in our DNA to remember and be fascinated by stories.

Everyone comes from a unique background and everyone has a purpose for their business. Make sure people know yours. Keep it simple. The average human has an attention span of 8 seconds. No one will read your 10 line paragraph of one of your services/products.

Get to the point right away and make it easy to read. Also, don’t go crazy with effects or colors. Make it a smooth ride for readers.

Connect your social pages, and push people to them.

First of all, make sure to keep up to date on your social media.

This helps your audience know what you’re doing, projects you are working on, feedback from customers, and many other great things. You can embed the social pages straight to the website, so it looks like your Instagram profile is also on your website! Well, there it is. 5 easy ways to improve your website. If you have any questions about your website, feel free to reach out! We would love to go over how you can improve it. If you don’t have a website yet, reach out as well! We would love to work with you — without breaking your bank..

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