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Digital Marketing Deep Dive | Episode 2

In Episode 3 of our Digital Marketing Deep Dive series, we explore the
concept of email marketing in Wix. In 2019’s saturated landscape, you need to provide people VALUE in exchange for their contact information. If you don’t learn anything else about business, I need you to know that your email list is the number one asset in your business. It provides you extreme leverage in your industry. I also wanted to explain how Wix Shoutout could serve a purpose in your business compared to other email marketing software out there.

Digital Marketing Deep Dive is a brand new series I am jumping into, because it is of vital importance. In today’s digital landscape, it is no longer great business strategy to simply have a great website. If you are not generating traffic to your website, it is basically useless.

My goal with this Digital Marketing Deep Dive series is to provide quality digital marketing training content. I want to explore different styles, strategies and techniques in the digital marketing landscape. From social media marketing, SEO, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing and more. This series is dedicated to making sure you are equipped with the proper knowledge to increase your leads + revenue and compete in today’s digital landscape.

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