What can digital marketers do to make sure that their B2B email marketing and newsletter campaign become a success and have a positive ROI? Video based on https://www.g2mteam.com/b2b-email-marketing-in-the-digital-era-winning-tactics-that-convert/

I’m not going to write about the fact that e-mail is still with us, and that everybody still reads and writes e-mails. You will probably toggle between this blog post and your mailbox as you read this, so I feel this argument is behind us.

E-mail newsletters from businesses to business professionals with news, updates or promos are still alive and kicking. So, as long as your strategy includes email marketing, better do it properly. mail newsletters that are well structured manage to spread the word, provoke interest, and lead the lead in the right direction.

Plus, it’s (relatively) free.

What do I mean by “do it right”? Well, not all newsletters are created equal.

Admit it or not, today’s business world has turned us all utterly unfocused. We no longer have the time nor the will to deeply explore every newsletter, and proactively dig in for the gems. We set our minds based on a quick glimpse: Title, snapshot of the content structure and sub topics, who’s behind it, how appealing it is to the eye and that’s it. It means that your newsletter must be well planned, in advance.

From organizing the structure, through content, design, well- defined target audience and even the actual time of sending, everything must be thought through.

“Well, let’s walk through some important tactics that can help you take your email marketing from blah to bling and get your customer-base engaged with your product or service.”

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