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Building your author email list is one of the fundamentals of book marketing, but how can you grow it more effectively to sell more books? Tammi Labrecque explains in today’s interview.

Tammi Labreque is an author, editor, and publisher. She writes fiction under a number of different pen names. And today, we’re talking about her brilliant and super useful book, Newsletter Ninja: How to Become an Author Mailing List Expert.

How can authors make emailing their readers fun?
Why segregating lists matters
Dealing with issues of privacy and what to share with your subscribers
What is the best reader magnet?
The elements to use when welcoming someone to your newsletter list (i.e., your onboarding sequence)
Tips for newsletter frequency and content
Thoughts on list size
When to clean your list

You can find Tammi Labreque at and on Twitter @tammi_ninja

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