Antigon matched betting eats into the profits of bookies as you take value from every bet you place.
If I back a horse to ‘win’ me £50, I will be placing another bet to pay me £50ish if it doesn’t win. The original £50 will either be a qualifying bet to trigger a free bet, or it will have some sort of value to it.
You are using 2 bookies, one of them will lose, 1 will ‘win’. So the industry doesn’t benefit from me placing and laying bets like this, but I do as there will be a free bet in it somewhere.

Which I will then make a guaranteed profit from.

I hate gambling. Bookies always have the edge over punters.

Matched betting is simply exploiting the bookmakers for their own clever marketing which is all designed to get the average gambler to spend money.
I have loads of bookies and casino accounts. The amount of emails, notifications, phone calls, free bets, pop ups etc is ridiculous. They all encourage you to download an app, store your banking details and basically try and make it as easy as possible to deposit.

My dh would be a problem gambler if I didn’t keep a tight hold of the finances. I know the misery gambling can cause. I hate the whole industry. Me doing MB is my 2 fingers up at them all.

And casinos are even worse than sports bookies. Every game, every webpage, every email is designed to make you want to chase that elusive big win.
Just a tip for anyone doing casinos. Turn the sound off.

Even the theme tunes are designed to make you carry on. Keep the laptop where it is just uncomfortable to reach. Do it on an uncomfortable chair. Set a time as well as money limit.


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