5 Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List For Beginners Thread Rating: #1 06-01-2019, 07:28 PM Growing a large, targeted email marketing list is one of the primary keys to successful online business. But when you’re starting from scratch, the idea of growing a list of thousands or more can be intimidating. While you might be tempted to buy an email list because it seems like a quick and easy solution, these lists are usually junk and remember that sending emails to anyone who hasn’t opted into your email list can be considered spam. So what can you do? Try giving away free stuff to grow your list! Here are five “ethical bribes” that have worked for online businesses just like yours: 1. Write an ebook. An original eBook that offers quality content in your niche will attract a ton of subscribers.

Some internet marketers use this tactic alone to grow their lists. And it’s not as hard as you may think! Begin by writing 5 to 10 original articles of approximately 500 to 750 words that your readers would benefit from.

These can be all about a general topic, business for example, or they can be more niche related, client attraction for example. But be sure they offer good information and are totally original. If writing is not your strong suit, consider hiring someone on a contract basis. Good writers are easy to find and very affordable nowadays. Place all your articles together in one Microsoft Word document. Add a cover page to the front with an appropriate graphic, your byline, the name of ceo email list your business and your web address, a statement that the content is proprietary and that they can only get a copy from you. For an added boost of traffic, include a page at the end that invites readers to direct others to your site for their own copy. Once your document is complete, create a PDF file using one of the many free PDF converters available online (if you’re on a Mac, it’s even easier – it’s included in your operating system).

Then offer this special report as a gift for signing up for your email list, and watch your list explode! 2. Free downloads. Who can pass up free stuff? There are scores of free ebooks, software, graphics packages, podcasts, videos, audios, articles, and more that come with permission to distribute freely. Pick a few that would appeal to your market. Upload them to your website, or a file storage site if space is a concern, and give the links only to subscribers. Add a few new downloads every week and you’ll keep subscribers longer and keep them coming to your site for more free goodies. 3. Physical publications.

While you may think only electronic or “intangible” freebies can grow your list, think again! A free printed booklet is an excellent way to reach subscribers. You can create one easily in Word or a similar program and print them one at a time on your computer or get a batch put together at a copy shop. “101 Ways to…” or “45 Tips for…” are great titles for any niche. 4.

Password-protected resource pages. If you prefer to not worry with downloads, create a free resource page that provides quality information your subscribers want. For instance, if your target audience is women in business, you can find hundreds of free places for women to advertise their business online. Use this information to create a password-protected page for subscribers only on your website. Update the information weekly or monthly, and change the password each time so subscribers have to stay on your list to use the updates.


Free. Effective. 5. Templates.

Another great freebie to offer subscribers is website and blog templates. Create your own, hire someone to design a few, or find them online and share the links. Whatever you choose, make sure there’s a natural match between the templates and your market for best results. Creating a strategy for your email list building should be easier keeping these ideas in mind.

Put your thinking cap on and come up with a list of ten possible freebies for your list. Start with one and see how it’s received. Remember, one of the best parts of working online is that it’s easy to test multiple concepts, change your model, or try several things at once. It is important not to “fall in love” with any one concept. The most important thing is to pick an idea and start building your opt in email list immediately.

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