– Today I’m going to share with you one of the long forgotten strategies in digital marketing.

Are you assuming that email marketing strategy is dead?

It’s still a very powerful strategy; just that most business owners would not know how to leverage on this amazing strategy.

I know business owners who generate million of revenues just by a click of a “SEND” button. Want to know how?

I’ll be sharing with you the 5 effective email marketing hacks on how you can increase your click-through rates.


Are you thinking email marketing is dead?

Trying to send out a promotional email to your 500, 1,000 or even 10,000 subscribers, and having no response at all?

How about getting sales at a click of a “SEND” button?

Check out the simple 5 email marketing hacks that you can use in your marketing today.

*Hack #1 – Get The Permission

Don’t try to buy 100,000 email database from a third party, and send out spam email to them…

…hoping you will get a sale out of it.

That would be one of the fastest way to ruin your reputation and branding quickly.

Instead, start collecting email from genuine interested party one by one, and begin to build a relationship with them.

It will generate you more revenue over the long term.

Always remember to get your prospect permission to send them an email or input into your database.

The last thing you want is to get blacklist for spamming your potential customers.

*Hack #2 – Subject Line

You want to invest 80% of your time to craft out an engaging subject line.

Subject line is one of the first thing your reader will notice… within a split seconds, they will determine if that email will be in the thrash folder or click to open to read.

Focus on emotional catch phrases and trigger words to hook your readers to open your email.

Of course, the content of the email must match what the subject line is all about… in that way, you can motivate the reader to take specific action that you want.
Do take time to craft out a few subject line to choose from or even to test which one gets you the highest open rate.

*Hack #3 – Consistency!

In today’s marketing world, consistency is the key!

Consistency in your content marketing, consistency in your delivery, consistency in your marketing message, consistency on when you are sending out the emails.

Do note that many a times your reader might be noticing and reading your email; so if you say you will do a weekly update, make sure you do that.

Only with consistency, you can start building trust with them.

Don’t just send out 5 – 10 emails in a 12 months, as it is too little to even allow your readers to remember you.

*Hack #4 – Use Preview Text

There are 3 preview elements in the email inbox; The From Name, Subject Line and Preview Text.

Your From Name should be your branding name, or company name.

Subject line, as spoken in point 2, you got to invest the time and effort to craft out an engaging subject line to entice your reader to click and know more.

Next, is the preview text, which will give your reader a little more information before they decide to click that email.

You can have a really simple subject line like, “Start Packing!”, and your preview text could carry on the mystery message by giving a teaser what they might be expecting.

If done correctly, this will boost open rate and click through rate for your emails.

*Hack #5 – Work On Formatting

Gone are the days where people are reading emails just from desktop or laptop. Now, we will be accessing our same inbox from various devices.

From our smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop or even the TV… given the wide range of devices, you do want to work on your formatting before sending out that email to your database.

In order to do that effectively, always do a “Test Email” to yourself, to check out the formatting on whichever devices you can get hold on.

You definitely want to check the formatting on your mobile phone and your laptops.

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