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If you run a website or blog, then your number one aim is to attract traffic to the site. Much like bricks and mortar business such as a supermarket needs its customers to enter the front door, so you too need to attract footfall.
Creating a website that invites a prolonged dwell time it should also be a part of your mission. The longer anyone spends on your site, the more they are likely to interact with content, and in turn, earn you money- either through sales, or advertising.
Sounds easy. But if you’re starting in business and are thinking that setting up your website is the hardest part, think again. Getting people to visit the site repeatedly takes work.

And, enticing new visitors is a different challenge entirely.
Opening The Doors
Think of your website as a physical building, like that of a supermarket . To let the customers into the store; the doors need to be open. But if the shop looks closed, or the doors aren’t working, the customers will go to the next supermarket. The same applies to your site.

Whatever device your customers are looking at your site through, it needs to load quickly, and the visitor should be able to access all of the available functions within a few seconds of clicking onto you. Having a site that only loads on a desktop is a fatal error; similarly, you don’t just want a version of the website that only loads on specific browsers, or only on a particular mobile operating system. Make sure that it works equally well across the board.
The speed that customers can walk through the open doors is essential too.

Many older shops used revolving doors that only allowed a small number of customers through at once. It might take a while for a crowd to get into the building. Creating obstructions throughout a store will frustrate customers who want to browse effortlessly. In these days of instant connection, people expect pages to load right away. They want to move from the front page to the content of their choice immediately. analyses page speeds for your website, meaning that you can monitor how fast your customers are entering your store, and how quickly they can move from aisle to aisle. With this information, you can look at ways of improving your site to ensure that everyone who wants to come in, can do.

If heavy graphics or animations are slowing down the page loading rate, drop them. You need a fast page.
Reaching Out
Getting your name on the map is a struggle. There are a lot of websites out there, close to 2 billion at the time of writing this article .

What makes your site so unique that someone will visit it over the thousands of similar sites? Getting your name out there is hard, but by using search engine optimization, you can improve your rankings on sites like Google.
You may assume that linking to another, authoritative website might be wrong for your business. Sure, people might click through that link and leave your site, but actually, having those links within your site will do you a huge favor as it allows your website to move higher up in the search rankings. This is called link building, and it is a commonly used strategy.
Linking to influential bloggers will mean that they will get a pingback from your site. They may check you out and share your site too if they believe what you have is worth sharing. Reaching out to social media influencers can be a very worthwhile marketing tactic, and having them link your site on their blogs will get your name out there, drive click-through, and most importantly, improve your search rankings .

It’s a complicated game, but it is indispensable for getting the best for your website.
Please Call Again
Making sure that you get return visits is another crucial mission. Having your visitors sign up to your site will mean that you can reach them whenever you have something to bring them back to you. You’ll need to make sure that anything that you do send them is relevant and does not come across as spammy, but customers are used to engaging with multiple brands across channels such as email, direct messaging or push notifications. Whatever you do, try and build as much value into your interactions with customers, or they will tire of you quickly.

Providing a service that is of use to them should be the name of the game here. Partnered Content..

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