Three tips to help you build your email list and to utilize email marketing to sell your book.
Your email newsletter is your most powerful author marketing tool.
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Video transcript:
Three quick tips for building your author email list. We now know that creating an author newsletter is your best book marketing tool and you’ve got ideas for content in that newsletter this video right here here’s how to get some people to subscribe and be reading that newsletter number one make sure there’s an opt-in form on every page of your website and that the invitation is engaging these days you have to offer something that is so valuable people would otherwise pay for it but it doesn’t have to be an entire book what about a checklist a tool or a game plan like this one:

Create a single page like this this is called a squeeze page create a cool offer you can direct people to and that’s all they find now you can link to that single page in the early pages of your book at the bottom of articles you write for other publications and you’re much more likely to get opt-ins to a squeeze page than your website because people get
distracted by all the other cool stuff on your website and forget to subscribe.

It’s also a great thing to mention when you’re interviewed on a podcast or other media.

Most importantly, do not add people to your list without permission giving you their business card is not permission the number one reason email newsletters get a bad reputation is because people break this rule all the time just because you connect with someone on LinkedIn or through a conference or she happens to contact you on your website and give you her email address that doesn’t mean you have permission to add that person to your list focus on building relationships with people so you can sell your book build your business and be top of mind in others make sure you’ve subscribed to the channel and you’ve turned on the notifications so that you get notified when a new video is up and when we go live see on the next video.

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