Email Use Example: Jan 28, Business & Marketing Officer Jobs in Ethiopia

Business & Marketing Officer Jobs in Ethiopia
Business & Marketing Officer Jobs in Ethiopia Category: Mid Level ( 2+ – 5 years experience) Employment Type: Full time As per the salary scale of the organization Job Description
FH Ethiopia, a non-governmental organization engaged in relief and development activities, would like to invite potential candidates to apply for the following position: Position: One-year contract (Renewable with 45 days probation period) Purpose of the Job
This is FH DFSA Business and Marketing officer position and Food Security team and the Senior Livelihood Adviser will provide technical support in the training of staff and the design and evaluation of rural livelihood programs in protracted and post crises locations. Essential Tasks and Responsibilities Restoring and transforming sustainable off-farm income generation activities, facilitate market linkages & employment pathways; Deliver regular training to the targeted households on business plan development, Entrepreneurship & marketing; Ensure the target producers linked with markets and viable value chains; Ensures the project captures and responds to up-to-date information about market developments within respective market systems and for Economic & Markets Development; Deliver training on increasing access to financial services (e.g. financial literacy, generating savings, and access to credit); Ensure livelihood promoters implementing various off-farm & income generating activities in result oriented manner; Becomes familiar with all aspects of the relevant market systems the project is targeting including key actors (inputs suppliers, producers, traders, information service providers, warehouses, transporters, financiers, intermediary and terminal markets); governance frameworks (formal and informal); Work experience in similar organization; Knowledge of Value chains, Entrepreneurship and business plan development; Familiarity in working with MFIs, RuSaCCos at rural setting Involve in planning, implementation, budget management and reporting of livelihood (off-farm & employment) components Liaise with other NGOs, relevant Government agencies, private sector to ensure good coordination of efforts, avoid duplication, share lessons and approaches for maximizing project impact. Provide robust support to the project manager in the area of Livelihood (business & marketing) design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Ensure FHE Ethiopia’s Self Help Group (SHG) methodology and strategies are employed and promoted Firm belief in teamwork, mainstreaming gender & youth, sensitivity to cross-cutting issues (environment, disabilities), participatory approach and sustainable development Job Requirements Education – BSc. In Agricultural Economics/Economics/Rural development or related field of Study. Experience- Three Years relevant work experience.

NGO experience is preferred Direct field based experience preferably in a similar position is essential. Women Candidates are highly encouraged to apply How to Apply Competent candidates can submit ONLY their application and CV to: [email protected] Candidates Must refer the position title on the subject line of the email and their application. Interested candidates should apply online by 4th February 2019. […]

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Email Use Example: Jan 28, Genesis Studios Vehicle Transportation Manager Jobs in Nigeria

Genesis Studios Vehicle Transportation Manager Jobs in Nigeria
Genesis Studios Vehicle Transportation Manager Jobs in Nigeria
Genesis Studios is a household name in the Nigeria Media and Entertainment Industry that specializes in TV/Film content production, Media Solutions, Broadcast and Marketing. The Company was incorporated in 2006 with the aim of being regarded as the best television content production house, a source of premium content for local/foreign stations, cable networks and media organizations in Nigeria and internationally.
The ideal candidate would be responsible for transporting goods, materials, equipment, and staff members from one location to another. Responsibilities Responsible for all other drivers in the company, ensuring that they are equipped with the right particulars and licenses before driving any of the vehicles. Responsible for the fleet of cars and ensuring that drivers assigned to cars are handling the cars properly. Ensure that the transportation of staff and, goods and equipment are done effectively. Responsible for the maintenance of the fleet to ensure that all vehicles are in optimal condition at all times.

Responsible for ensuring that vehicle papers and documents are up to date at every point to avoid fines by regulatory bodies.

Responsible for ensuring that all drivers are compliant with traffic rules and regulations. Responsible for informing the appropriate authorities in cases of damage done to the vehicles or fines issued by regulatory bodies.

Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned. Requirements Educational Qualification: Minimum of O’Level Certificate. ND would be an added advantage. Experience: Ten (10) years experience as a Company Driver. Knowledge of Road Network: Knowledge of road network, especially within Lagos and environs is essential. Communication Skills: Ability to communicate clearly in both oral and written forms is essential to succeed on this role.

Respect: Treats colleagues and customers in a way that demonstrates regard for authority and hierarchy. Problem-Solving Skills: Always eager to address staff needs in a timely and professional manner. How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV and Cover Letter to: [email protected] with the subject of the mail as “Corporate Lawyer”.Application Closing Date 31st January, 2019.. […]

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Email Use Example: Ask Amy: Housemates worry about friend's new friend

Email Use Example: Ask Amy: Housemates worry about friend's new friend

imageDear Amy : I am part of a group of friends who all share a house together. We’ve all been close friends for five years now.
One of our friends started a new relationship about five weeks ago. Since then, they have not spent a single day or night apart from each other. Sometimes they’re at our house; sometimes they’re at his partner’s house.
Our friend never does anything without him anymore, including spending time with us.

We want to spend more time with our friend alone, and we are also concerned that he’s moving too quickly.
How do we tell our friend we want to spend more time with just him? Is it our place to tell him that we think he might be moving too fast?
— Concerned Friends
Dear Concerned: I think it’s natural for two people who perhaps romantically/sexually collide to then stick together — certainly at the beginning of an intimate relationship. This is not the most prudent way to behave, but ..


prudence sometimes goes out the window when the flame burns hot.
You don’t say that your friend is unhappy; you don’t note any real red flags about this new relationship and you don’t mention that you have a negative reaction to your friend’s new guy.
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Friends trust that the friendship will survive through some tough truths.

Adults can also express sincere concern without seeking to control the object of their concern.
But first, accept that this relationship is real. Get to know his partner, and adopt a positive attitude as you do. Express: “Hey, we really miss solo-you! Any chance we can see you without your guy any time soon?”
Otherwise, unless you see specific issues — such as signs of abuse and control, or if your friend has a tough romantic/sexual history that makes you worry — then he has the right to proceed with abandon, regardless of what you perceive. You can certainly make an observation: (“You two are moving really quickly”) and follow it with a question: “How are you feeling about everything?”
But you have to listen to his answer, and if he says he’s happy, then you should be happy for him.
Dear Amy: Years ago, I met a wonderful lady and we began dating.

We dated for a year. She chose to break up.

Three months later she asked me to see her again. Unfortunately, things were not the same and we split up for good.
We each married other people. We live 200 miles apart and have not had any contact since we broke up.

She was (indirectly) the reason I have a great job today. Because of this, I feel that she changed my life in a positive way. Is it wrong for me to send her a thank-you card, telling her this?
I do not want to create any problems for her and I do not wish to see her again, but I am grateful for her quiet influence.
— Just Wondering
Dear Wondering: This is a question that you should run past your wife.

Your wife doesn’t run you, and she doesn’t control your friendships or contact with other people, but she might have insight into this conundrum because she is a woman — and because she knows you very well.
Oh, but I sense that you don’t want to run this past your wife. I’m extrapolating from your tone a certain wistfulness. Again, there is nothing wrong with feeling wistful and acting on those nostalgic impulses, but if you do, you should be honest with yourself about your intentions and about what you are really trying to express.

In short, don’t start something that you aren’t prepared to own.
If you do choose to send this message, make sure that it is both sincere and appropriate, and something she would feel comfortable showing to her spouse, if she chose to: “Our lives took us in different directions and I have no regrets. I’m grateful for your influence. I’ve had a wonderful career, and I owe you some of the credit. Thank you for that!”
Dear Amy: “Frazzled Shopper” reported having a 3-year-old who was incorrigible while at the grocery store.
You accepted this as a discipline issue, but that child might have a sensory processing disorder. The child should be checked!
— Experienced Mom
Dear Mom: Several readers suggested this. Yes, this child could have a sensory processing problem, although it is hardly out of the norm for a 3-year-old to misbehave in the grocery aisle.

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The internet, in all its glory, is home to countless articles about the age-old products, businesses and traditions millennials have sent to the gallows.
Canned tuna? Gone.

The mayonnaise you mix with it? Gone. Hooters? Say it isn’t so!
We investigated some of the more prevalent claims to see which have merit and which don’t.
(Lauren Hill) Midwestern kindness runs deep, but throughout the city’s neighborhoods, it turns out some residents are more polite than others (or simply complain less). Digital Third Coast, a Chicago-based digital marketing firm, recently analyzed 2018 data of complaints to 311 from the 30 most densely populated neighborhoods. They looked at noise, garbage and dog poop complaints to determine where residents were less than pleased with their surroundings. How did your ‘hood fair? Click through to see which 10 city locales yielded the most complaints per capita.
(Darcel Rockett) Baggage check: I’m seeing a wonderful guy, but I don’t assert what’s best for me Ask Amy.


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Email Use Example: My dd has just had an email from Bristol to tell her she won’t…

My dd has just had an email from Bristol to tell her she won’t be offered a place on her chosen course (philosophy and economics), but would she like to consider international business management or marketing as an alternative. Anyone had similar? She’s minded not to bother as, much as she thinks she likes Bristol, she doesn’t want to go there for just any old course.. […]

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Email Use Example: Assenagon Asset Management S.A. Buys Shares of 56,387 Veeva Systems Inc (VEEV)

Email Use Example: Assenagon Asset Management S.A. Buys Shares of 56,387 Veeva Systems Inc (VEEV)

imagePosted by Matthew Steigler on Jan 26th, 2019 // No Comments
Assenagon Asset Management S.A. bought a new position in Veeva Systems Inc (NYSE:VEEV) during the 4th quarter, according to its most recent disclosure with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The firm bought 56,387 shares of the technology company’s stock, valued at approximately $5,036,000.
A number of other hedge funds and other institutional investors also recently modified their holdings of VEEV. BlackRock Inc. increased its position in Veeva Systems by 18.6% in the third quarter.

BlackRock Inc. now owns 7,710,493 shares of the technology company’s stock worth $839,440,000 after buying an additional 1,207,291 shares during the period. FMR LLC increased its position in Veeva Systems by 38.7% in the second quarter. FMR LLC now owns 3,274,017 shares of the technology company’s stock worth $251,641,000 after buying an additional 914,357 shares during the period. Winslow Capital Management LLC increased its position in Veeva Systems by 25.1% in the third quarter. Winslow Capital Management LLC now owns 2,136,138 shares of the technology company’s stock worth $232,561,000 after buying an additional 428,945 shares during the period.

Franklin Resources Inc. increased its position in Veeva Systems by 60.2% in the third quarter. Franklin Resources Inc. now owns 1,138,399 shares of the technology company’s stock worth $123,929,000 after buying an additional 427,677 shares during the period. Finally, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board increased its position in Veeva Systems by 238.9% in the third quarter. Canada Pension Plan Investment Board now owns 473,500 shares of the technology company’s stock worth $51,550,000 after buying an additional 333,800 shares during the period.

75.64% of the stock is currently owned by hedge funds and other institutional investors. Get Veeva Systems alerts:
Shares of VEEV stock opened at $109.20 on Friday.

Veeva Systems Inc has a fifty-two week low of $52.17 and a fifty-two week high of $109.42. The stock has a market cap of $14.

98 billion, a P/E ratio of 118.70, a PEG ratio of 4.44 and a beta of 1.

61. Veeva Systems (NYSE:VEEV) last announced its earnings results on Wednesday, November 28th. The technology company reported $0.35 earnings per share for the quarter, beating the Thomson Reuters’ consensus estimate of $0.30 by $0.

05. Veeva Systems had a return on equity of 15.51% and a net margin of 23.61%. The business had revenue of $224.

70 million during the quarter, compared to analysts’ expectations of $216.04 million. During the same quarter last year, the business posted $0.

25 earnings per share. The company’s quarterly revenue was up 26.

9% on a year-over-year basis. On average, equities analysts forecast that Veeva Systems Inc will post 1.

19 EPS for the current fiscal year.
In related news, CFO Timothy S.

Cabral sold 50,000 shares of the firm’s stock in a transaction dated Thursday, December 6th. The stock was sold at an average price of $89.

39, for a total transaction of $4,469,500.00. The sale was disclosed in a legal filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission, which is accessible through this link . Also, SVP Jonathan Faddis sold 2,000 shares of the firm’s stock in a transaction dated Monday, December 24th.

The shares were sold at an average price of $80.15, for a total value of $160,300.00.

Following the transaction, the senior vice president now directly owns 3,073 shares of the company’s stock, valued at approximately $246,300.

95. The disclosure for this sale can be found here .

Insiders have sold 180,594 shares of company stock valued at $16,385,036 in the last ninety days. Company insiders own 15.97% of the company’s stock.
Several equities research analysts have weighed in on VEEV shares.

Bank of America increased their target price on Veeva Systems from $100.00 to $110.00 and gave the stock a “buy” rating in a research report on Friday, October 5th. Morgan Stanley dropped their target price on Veeva Systems from $113.00 to $109.00 and set an “overweight” rating on the stock in a research report on Tuesday, October 23rd. Leerink Swann started coverage on Veeva Systems in a research report on Tuesday, December 4th.

They issued an “outperform” rating and a $120.00 target price on the stock. ValuEngine lowered Veeva Systems from a “strong-buy” rating to a “buy” rating in a research report on Thursday, November 1st. Finally, William Blair reissued an “outperform” rating on shares of Veeva Systems in a report on Monday, October 8th. Six research analysts have rated the stock with a hold rating, twelve have assigned a buy rating and one has assigned a strong buy rating to the company. Veeva Systems presently has an average rating of “Buy” and an average target price of $103.53.

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Veeva Systems Company Profile
Veeva Systems Inc provides cloud-based software for the life sciences industry in North America, Europe, the Asia Pacific, and internationally. The company offers Veeva Commercial Cloud, a suite of multichannel customer relationship management applications, data solutions, and master data management solutions; and Veeva Vault, a cloud-based enterprise content management applications for managing commercial functions, including medical, sales, and marketing, as well as research and development functions, such as clinical, regulatory, quality, and safety.
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